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Why the Enneagram?

We spend our lives in pursuit of happiness and success.
We often believe that the quality of our life depends on our external fortunes: a better relationship, a new job, a better car, a better physique and so on. But we realize that these things only make us feel better for a short time.Enneagram Institute

We try to adopt qualities such as creativity, persistence, optimism, courage, communication, compassion, decisiveness and so on; but we usually can’t maintain them for too long and ultimately end up disappointed with ourselves.

And so we continue searching for something else out there… eventually realizing that the source of happiness and success is Self.

The Enneagram is one of the greatest tools available for Self-exploration; it helps you recover the missing pieces of the puzzle of your personality. Finding out who you are and why you are here opens the door to your freedom and happiness.

What is the Enneagram?

Your Basic Type:

The Enneagram is a system of personality types that describes nine different styles of human personality. Each personality type is characterized by specific patterns of behavior, thinking, speaking, feeling, defense mechanisms, conscious and unconscious motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and much more.


While we have only one basic type, our “home base”, almost no one is a "pure" type. Everyone is a mix of two types of the Enneagram, and the second type in the mix is called the Wing. The Wing is one of the two types adjacent to the basic type. For instance, if your basic personality type is Two, your are likely to have either One-wing or Three-wing, and you may show some characteristics of one or both of these two personality styles.
The Wing adds important elements to your personality and influences your thinking, feeling, and behavior. This is the reason why people of the same basic personality type can seem to have very different characters.

Arrow Lines:

Arrow lines refer to the two arrows pointing away from or toward your basic personality type. The arrow lines allow to predict how this particular personality type will act out when they are either under stress (Direction of Disintegration) or on the path of healing and becoming whole (Direction of Integration).

Levels of Self-Mastery:

The Levels of Self-Mastery offer a way of observing and measuring one’s degree of mental and emotional health. They are a model that makes movement, growth, and deterioration within each type clear. Each type has three main ranges of Self-Mastery: low, moderate, and high Self-Mastery.

In Summary:

Enneagram provides a profound map of human personality through the combination of knowledge about person’s Basic type, Wings, Direction of Integration or Disintegration and the Level of Self-Mastery. It is the most, accurate, powerful and practical system available for increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence for personal and professional development.

Enneagram Applications

The Enneagram is cross-cultural and highly accurate, with many work-related applications. It is currently being used by individuals and organizations in variety of contexts: business, team building, conflict, leadership, coaching, communication, education, spiritual development work, healing and a lot more.

How Can I Benefit From the Enneagram?

First of all, the Enneagram helps individuals develop greater self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It acts as a kind of "mirror" to reveal features of your personality that are normally invisible to you. Knowing your type correctly identifies your strengths and weaknesses; enables you to recognize your patterns of behavior, thinking and feeling as well as the underlying reasons for them.
But the Enneagram does a lot more than simply reveal your personality – it helps you get in touch with your true nature and shows the full scope of your potential. It leads to greater self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence, allowing you to adopt more useful ways of acting and being and create new choices in your life, rather than continue reacting to your environment.

How Can I Find out About My Personality Type?

There are a number of different ways of ways to identify your Enneagram type. Ideally it should be a combination of several methods listed below. Since you know yourself best and also know what motivates you and drives your actions, your own self-assessment will be the most accurate indicator of your Enneagram type. In other words, nobody can tell you what type you are, only you can correctly identify your type through honest self-observation and reflection.

We suggest that you start by reading the overview of the Enneagram Types and notice which one(s) you resonate with most.

Take an Enneagram personality test (see below). Several Enneagram typing tests are currently available. But be aware that any test can give false results. No personality assessment instrument can ever have 100% accuracy. They can only be useful in providing you with additional information about your Enneagram type. For this reason a personality test should always be combined with other typing methods.

Reading different Enneagram books will give you more detailed description of the Enneagram types as well as information and activities for self-reflection.

Working with an Enneagram professional will greatly assist you in identifying your type correctly and provide useful information and feedback.

Remember that identifying your Type is only the beginning of the exciting journey. Through continuous self-development and growth you will be able to embrace the true nature of your Type and experience freedom and joy.

What's important to know about the Enneagram?

  • No matter what type you are, you possess qualities and characteristics of each Enneagram type, to some degree. But everyone has only one basic personality type.
  • Your basic personality type stays the same throughout life. In other words, you do not change from one basic personality type to another.
  • Your personality type is not who you are; it is what you habitually and consistently do. Not all descriptions of your personality type will apply to you all the time. The dynamics of your basic personality type are determined by the Wing, the level of Self-Mastery and Direction of Integration or Disintegration.
  • The personality type numbers are neutral markers and the numerical ranking of the types is not significant. For example, type Seven is not healthier, more evolved or in any way superior than type Two.
  • All personality types equally possess strengths and weaknesses, assets and liabilities.
  • All personality types are universal and apply equally to males and females.
  • The Enneagram does not put you in a box. It reveals how you have limited yourself to your habitual behavior patterns; furthermore it shows a direction in which to work to free yourself from such constrains.

How do I Start?

1. Get an overview of each Enneagram Type

2. Take a quick Enneagram test

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3. Work with your qualified Enneagram Coach

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