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September 2018, 22nd & 23rd

2018/09/22 09:00:00
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Often times, intelligent students get grades that just do not appear to reflect their potential. These students participate in class, do their school work, prepare for exams but still do not get the results that they want. Parents usually misjudge low grades as the result of lack of study and preparation. But the truth is, stress is a major contributor to poor performance.

Most of the time, students who suffer exam fear ends up forgetting everything they have learned  during the exam. MyBrainTrain™ is a NLP™ based  program that will provide useful techniques for  students to overcome their fears, stress and anxieties.  Students will learn thinking skills that will equip them the  confidence to give their best and perform better.

Benefits for Parents

" As a parent, you probably worry about your child who is becoming a young adult. You may wonder if they are doing well at school or if they are truly happy, with the rising depression cases among the youths. Mental health has become one of the prominent factor for youth’s wellbeing, and study stress is one of the leading factor for emotional distress and suicide. "
- (Reported by Befrienders KL 2017)
It can be tough as a parent, because sometimes despite your concern and intention to help your child, they simply may not share all of their personal lives with you. After all, it is common that most youth want to find their own pathway. As difficult as it may be to accept, you can’t control the things they encounter in life. Eventually, they will need to make their own decisions and have the ability to deal with the choices they’ve made. As a parent, what you can do is to ensure they are as ready as possible, equipped with the competencies to handle whatever challenges they may face.
The good thing is MyBrainTrain provides a safe and educational platform for youths to explore the challenges in their study life. Your child will learn ways to re-train their brain to bring positive changes to their thoughts, emotions and behaviour. They will understand how their emotions can work for them, instead of battling worry and fear. Furthermore, they will learn to see the world with a fresh perspective, gain confidence and work towards their goals happily, wherever life takes them next!

Benefits of MyBrainTrain™


Say ``Goodbye``
To Exam


Avoid getting stuck
in thinking


Create True Happiness
and Confidence
in Your Life


Learn How To
``Feel Good``




Train your brain to
access information


Get Rid of Destructive
Emotions and


Power Up Your

Meet Your NaviGo® Trainers

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    Cassandra Chan

    • Licensed NLP Coach®, USA
    • Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™, USA
    • Licensed Practitioner of NLP™, USA
    • Train the Trainer Certification (HRDF)
    • Paul Ekman International Certification –
       Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC), UK
    • Paul Ekman International Certification –
       Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC), UK

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    Carsten Cziborr

    • Licensed Master Trainer of NLP®
    • Licensed Master Coach®
    • Certified Coach & Modeler
       (NLP University)
    • Certified Trainer of TimeLine Therapy®
    • Paul Ekman Certified
      and Approved Trainer

September 2018, 22nd & 23rd

2018/09/22 09:00:00

Enable Learning to Become Fun and Enjoy Better Grades in Your Future!

Who is MyBrainTrain™ suitable for?

Students between the age 15 and 17 who want to do better for upcoming exams

Training Dates

22nd & 23rd September 2018

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