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NaviGo® NLP Story

When we founded NaviGo® NLP Center in 2005, it was long before NLP became well-known and popular in Malaysia. Back then, when we told people that we train others in Neuro-Linguistic Programing™, the immediate response would usually be: “Oh, you are in IT!” So we would then explain that NLP is similar to IT in the way that it teaches you how to optimize the use of your ‘Hardware’ aka your brain by installing new ‘Software’ – learning more useful ways to think, feel and behave.

13 years on and a few thousand NaviGo® graduates later, we have come a long way. For us, it has been exciting to experience and be part of the growing popularity of NLP in Malaysia over the past decade. We are proud to have witnessed so many of our graduates and coaching clients to take charge and achieve what they want for themselves by using NLP.

We believe that you have all it takes to get what you want in life. And if you haven’t yet, it’s only because at the moment you might be missing either the right mindset, or the right approach or a skill. As the name ‘Navigo’ implies (Latin for “navigate” or “voyage”), our job as your trainer or coach is to help you find clarity over what you want to achieve, equip you with the necessary skills and navigate you towards your goal – like a GPS for your mind if you want. Our commitment to you is to empower and enable you to reach higher levels of personal and professional mastery.

Authentic NLP™

NaviGo® NLP Center is the quality brand for NLP in Malaysia and belongs under NaviGo® Asia Sdn. Bhd.(686917-x). We are the only company in Malaysia to provide licensed NLP training in association with The Society of NLP™, representing Dr. Richard Bandler (founder and co-creator of NLP). Our trainers and coaches have been personally trained and licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler to teach others in the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™. This means that with us you are guaranteed to learn Authentic NLP™.Over the past 13 years we have built a reputation for successfully applying Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ into in the areas of communication, leadership, coaching, sales and team development. We stand for quality and adhere to very high standards.

NaviGo® Achievements

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What We Stand For

Our Passion

We are passionate about behavioural science,
personal & organizational change and assisting you
achieving great success through our expertise.

Our Integrity

You are significant and important to us.
We treasure the trust you put in us and take
your success seriously.

Our Belief

We believe everyone has the ability to
create a positive change and reach high
levels of personal performance.

Our Mission

“Empowering People To Change And
Grow For A Better Now”

Our Choice

People make the best choice they
can at the time. We assist you to create
choices to live the life you want.

Our Quality

We have built a reputation by consistently
delivering high quality training. We adhere to
very high standards in our service to you.


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