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If you are looking for Authentic NLP-based TALENT DEVELOPMENT programs for your organization, we have the right SOLUTION for you. Our modular training programs incorporate targeted NLP skills and techniques to empower and enable talents in organizations across various industries to reach high levels of personal Peak Performance, be it in the areas of, Personal Mastery and Leadership, or in Communication, Coaching, and Team Development.

Training & Coaching

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    Personal Mastery with NLP™

    This program is designed to inspire and empower the participants to step out of their ‘comfort zone’ and addresses the question of “HOW to change”. It provides Self-Mastery techniques essential to develop self-awareness, to understand and manage their emotions, as well as to align their thoughts, feelings and actions. Participants will gain practical tools to generate new long-lasting habits in their own work and private life, and as a result, produce an immediate positive change.

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    Emotional Skills & Competencies

    The main outcome of this program is practical skills and competencies that are essential to develop Emotional Intelligence, based on solid behavioural science. Participants will master all 4 quadrants of their Emotional Quotient – Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Awareness of Others and Management of Others; and as a result have greater confidence and clarity when making critical choices and decisions within their work responsibilities.

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    Communication Excellence with NLP™

    This program offers a powerful set of skills, essential for Persuasion & Influence as well as Precision Communication. Participants will address their personal communication challenges; acquire strong linguistic and rapport building tools; learn to ‘read’ other people’s motivations through physiological and verbal clues; and employ communication flexibility to build effective and trusting relationships. These skills have proven to be highly applicable in sales, presentations and management.

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    This approach employs the concept of ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ that outlines the root causes of politics and challenges in teams:
    Absence of Trust; Fear of Conflict; Lack of Commitment; Avoidance of Accountability; Inattention to Results.
    Throughout this customized workshop, your team will be coached to address those dysfunctions and build a disciplined and cohesive team with that is driven to focus what’s best for the team.
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    Coaching skills with NLP™

    This program is designed to equip managers with practical coaching skills to generate a stronger sense of confidence, drive, and proactive attitude in their subordinates and team members. Participants will learn how to employ NLP skills to gain willing cooperation from colleagues, and to enable them to successfully deal with a range of emotional and behavioural challenges in their work environment; resulting in greater performance and commitment to their team’s mutual goals.

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    C-Level & Transition Coaching

    Coaching is an individualized approach to a leader’s professional development that focuses on immediate results when dealing with the complexities of their responsibilities. Coaching provides feedback and guidance in real time and unites the best elements of leadership development, problem-solving and change management. This approach is also ideal to prevent potential pitfalls when a newly appointed manager transitions into a leadership position. It brings forth their potential and assists to successfully adopt and perform in their new role.

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