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As our lives become increasingly complex and competitive, more people look for a great coach who will push them from challenge to growth, empowering them to get the results they want, be it professionally or personally. As an NLP Master Practitioner, you are now well equipped and qualified to take the next step and start coaching others professionally.
NLP has become an absolute must-have in the arsenal of each professional coach, because it provides some of the most effective tools for personal mastery and creating a long-lasting change.

In this 5-Day certification program you will focus on developing a targeted framework and approach that will achieve deeper and more sustainable results when coaching others. You will learn how to engage, guide, enable and empower others by using NLP and bring out the best in everyone you coach. In addition, this program contains a series of personal break-through sessions that will boost your own Personal Mastery and Growth. This program will give you the courage and competence to start your career as a professional coach, have a clearer Sense of Purpose and be a part of this very rewarding profession.

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When you successfully complete this course you will
receive a lot more than just a certificate - you will
receive a License! Your License Certificate will be
issued by The Society of NLP™ and personally signed
by Dr. Richard Bandler - the creator and co-founder of NLP.
This is an internationally recognized qualification, and
is the only NLP certification recognized by Richard Bandler.

#Authentic NLP
Not all NLP is created equal. When you learn licensed NLP
with NaviGo®, this means you are guaranteed to get the real,
100% Authentic NLP™ quality skill training.

Goals you will Accomplish


Competence & Confidence

Gain the competence &
confidence of a professional
coach to enable and
empower everyone you
work with


Coaching Career

Begin your professional
career as a coach or start
your own coaching business



Identify and assess the
coaching needs of your
client and decide on
the coaching approach


New Skills

NEW Coaching Tools:



Develop a framework to
successfully conduct a
coaching engagement
from start to finish


Tips and tricks

Make use of our insider tips
and tricks from the
past 15 years.
We share our SECRETS!


Structure & Expand

Expand, harness and structure
your arsenal of NLP
Practitioner & Master
Practitioner skills


Your Breakthrough

Get coached on your real-life
challenges and achieve
personal breakthrough
while in the training

Meet Your NaviGo® Trainers

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    Anna Cziborr

    • Licensed Trainer of NLP®
    • Licensed NLP Coach Trainer®
    • Certified Enneagram Coach

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    Carsten Cziborr

    • Licensed Master Trainer of NLP®
    • Licensed Master Coach®
    • Certified Coach & Modeler
       (NLP University)
    • Certified Trainer of TimeLine Therapy®
    • Paul Ekman Certified
      and Approved Trainer

December 2019, 4th - 8th

2019/12/04 08:15:00

Program Specs

  • Licensed NLP Coach ®
  • Personally signed by Dr. Richard Bandler
  • Internationally recognized qualification.

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  • 5 Days
  • 9am - 6pm daily

  • Licensed Practitioner Of NLP® ( LEVEL 1 )
  • Licensed Master Practitioner Of NLP® ( LEVEL 2 )
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Open mind and a good sense of humor

  • At NaviGo® NLP Center
  • A-5-8 Pelangi Square Damansara, Jln. PJU6 Persiaran Surian,
    Pelangi Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
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