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Licensed Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a person to person interaction technology which can only be learned through firsthand experiences and real-life interaction. Attending our NLP Practitioner course is the best and the only way to obtain fundamental knowledge on NLP.
Our 7-day Licensed NLP Practitioner program provides you with a comprehensive scope of NLP skills and techniques. This program is a journey of self-exploration that helps you discover your hidden potential and harness your strengths. This training enables you to get rid of self-limiting beliefs and unwanted habits that create problems in your life.

Throughout this entire course you will be working on your own goals, creating a positive change already in the training room and by doing so you will learn how to assist others in getting the results they want.

Our Licensed Practitioner course is a highly interactive NLP training in which you will be working with fellow participants from various walks of life and in the process you will gain great insights into how people think, feel and process information.
You will learn to address the differences in our communication styles and as a result, it will boost your levels of communication skills and people skills.

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When you successfully complete this course you will
receive a lot more than just a certificate - you will
receive a License! Your License Certificate will be
issued by The Society of NLP™ and personally signed
by Dr. Richard Bandler - the creator and co-founder of NLP.
This is an internationally recognized qualification, and
is the only NLP certification recognized by Richard Bandler.

Authentic NLP™
Not all NLP is created equal. When you learn licensed NLP
with NaviGo®, this means you are guaranteed to get the real,
100% Authentic NLP™ quality skill training.

Benefits You Will Get



Get the confidence and
courage to get noticed
and get ahead


Persuasion & Influence

Boost the impact of
your message and make
anyone say YES!



Become a highly skilled
communicator and learn
the art of precision



Improve and enrich your
personal and professional
relationships to be
more rewarding


Overcoming The Past

Free yourself from your
negative experiences and
memories from the past


Fears & Phobias

Banish fears and
anxieties from your
life for good


Motivation & Inspiration

Believe in yourself and
get empowered to



Create a compelling vision of
your future and learn the
secrets of being HAPPY

Meet Your NaviGo® Trainers

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    Anna Cziborr

    • Licensed Trainer of NLP®
    • Licensed NLP Coach Trainer®
    • Certified Enneagram Coach

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    Carsten Cziborr

    • Licensed Master Trainer of NLP®
    • Licensed Master Coach®
    • Certified Coach & Modeler
       (NLP University)
    • Certified Trainer of TimeLine Therapy®
    • Paul Ekman Certified
      and Approved Trainer

July 2019, 4th - 7th & 12th - 14th

2019/07/04 08:15:00

Program Specs

  • Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
  • Personally signed by Dr. Richard Bandler
  • Internationally recognized qualification.

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  • 7 Days
  • Divided into 2 modules
  • 9am - 6pm daily

  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Open mind and a good sense of humor

  • At NaviGo® NLP Center
  • A-5-8 Pelangi Square Damansara, Jln. PJU6 Persiaran Surian,
    Pelangi Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
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