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March 21, 2016
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April 10, 2018

I believe for anybody who’s interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and especially for those who are involved in the field of NLP professionally; experiencing Dr. Richard Bandler live and attending at least one of his licensed NLP training programs is an absolute must! I returned to Malaysia just a week ago from Orlando where I attended “Charisma Enhancement® and Trainer Training” seminar. It turned out to be the best NLP program I’ve ever attended! And if you are trying to become a confident and persuasive speaker, if you are looking for methods to command the attention and the unconscious of your audiences or even if you believe you have a real fear of public speaking, then I bet this 6-day seminar will transform this part of your life as well! And here’s why…

Dr. Richard Bandler

In this seminar, Dr. Bandler mostly conducts the morning sessions, teaching to a large audience of 100-200 people from all over the world. The way he teaches is magical indeed, because he always communicates with your unconscious mind and this is how you learn the fastest without even realizing it. He tells a lot of stories and metaphors and sometimes randomly invites participants onto the stage to demonstrate the skill or to illustrate his point, which always turns out to be a great coaching session for those participants (lucky them!).

NLP Malaysia – Dr. Richard Bandler and Anna Cziborr

Dr. Bandler also usually closes the afternoon sessions by trance induction to help consolidate your learnings. As you probably know, he’s a master of hypnosis. Don’t ask me what exactly he was saying, all I can remember is that by the end of each day I felt at ease and empowered at the same time.
And this stuff really works! The transformation I was seeing in myself and other people was so obvious. One of the participants I met there managed (with the help of Dr. Bandler and Neuro-Linguistic Programing™) to beat her stuttering for good, which she had had for most of her life along with her fear of public speaking. She now presents on stage in front of a huge audience with ease and confidence like you wouldn’t believe!

Afternoon Sessions

John La Valle, the president of The Society of NLP™, conducts the afternoon sessions. He is a brilliant trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programing™ and very funny too. He taught a whole bunch of skills on crowd control, how to tackle questions from the audience as well as practical aspects of conducting a training program.

At some point in the afternoon, participants are divided into smaller groups to rotate through so-called work stations. At each work station you will learn one particular skill presented by one or several of their Licensed Master Trainers. And this is another great thing about this training – not only do you get to learn from Dr. Bandler and John La Valle, you also get to meet and get trained by some of their renowned licensed Master Trainers who come from all over the world to facilitate in this NLP program.

What Public Speaking Skills You Will Learn

The main focus in this NLP Trainer’s Training & Public Speaking Seminar are the following techniques:
1. Setting “Nested Loops” – opening several stories and linking them with each other keeping the end open. This is an extremely powerful and elegant way for getting your audience’s unconscious mind on board.
2. Evoking the right states in the audiences and anchoring and chaining those states. You’ll learn how to later trigger those states at any point during your presentation/ training depending on whether you are dealing with objections or to strengthen their agreement or whatever other response you want from the crowd.
3. Your own state management as a presenter or a trainer. And this encompasses quite a few skills such as your emotional state, your physiology – the way you plant yourself on stage and the way you move, the quality of your voice, the speed of your speech, your gestures, facial expressions, and so on.

Putting It All Into Practice

NLP Malaysia - NLP practitioners attending the Trainers Training program, with Owen Fitzpatrick, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP®.

NLP Malaysia – NLP practitioners attending the Trainers Training program, with Owen Fitzpatrick, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP®.

And not only do they teach you all the skills, they also make sure you use them all! After the workstations each day, every participant gets 2 minutes to deliver a short presentation to their group incorporating all the public speaking skills they’ve learnt so far. What’s more, it’s recorded and given to you after each session. You then watch your presentation with one of the Master Trainers who gives you feedback on the spot. So you see, even though there are so many participants at the workshop, everybody gets plenty of personal attention and feedback, and there are always experienced facilitators around to answer all your questions.

I must admit that even though I have been a trainer and coach for a quite a few years now, this task was quite challenging as well, most importantly because you need to utilize so many techniques and synchronize them all with the stories and topics you are presenting.

Good People & Good Fun

If you want to do well with your public speaking by the end of this seminar, you’ll have to work hard, and you’ll make amazing progress! You’ll get your certificate too! And most importantly, you’ll have so much fun and laughter in the process! As I mentioned in the beginning, you’ll make friends with participants from all over the world; all passionate about authentic Neuro-Linguistic Programing™ and very supportive to each other. I simply love that type of people and the atmosphere.

Who Is This Public Speaking Seminar For?

If you are a trainer, a teacher, an instructor or just have to deliver presentations of any kind as part of your job, then you’ll gain great value from this seminar.

NLP Malaysia – Anna Cziborr, Licensed Trainer of NLP® receiving the license certificate

For those of you who plan to become a Licensed Trainer of NLP® by Dr. Bandler, this is the Trainer’s Training you will attend. In this case, of course, you are required to be a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP® already and be well-equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills.
In general, I would recommend anybody who attends this workshop to at least have completed their Practitioner level, even if you don’t want to train others in Neuro-Linguistic Programing™, simply because they often refer to the relevant skills and techniques in this seminar and it will be much easier for you to build your skills on top of your Practitioner foundation, otherwise you might feel a bit lost at times.

How To Get Started

“Charisma Enhancement® and Trainer Training” is only conducted in Florida, USA. The good news is, you don’t need to travel that far to get started because you can simply attend our Licensed Practitioner of NLP®. Check out our schedule for the upcoming Practitioner programs.
For more info on Charisma Enhancement® and Trainer Trainingfollow this link.

Stay tuned for more participants’ stories from this workshop.

For other useful tips and other life changing ideas, please read our other blogs and learn the #AuthenticNLP™ with NaviGo® NLP Center.

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7 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Anna! Just by reading this I am in a very encouraged & inspired state! Imagine if I were there personally trained by Dr. Bandler!

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